Released: April 30th, 2006 | Label: Extreme Underground | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Brutal Bands

01. Anal Torture
02. Re-exploring Ways of Flesh
03. Pleasures of the Moribund
04. Blood Feast
05. Scum
06. Chiavica [Cicala Grind]

The Blood Feast MCD from the Italian sickos Necrotorture is the first release out on the newly formed Extreme Underground, a subsidiary to the renowned Brutal Bands and what a fucking blast it is. The music is ultra brutal deathgrind and variation may not be the major turning point here, but it works the way it should. The music mostly blast ahead in a manic frenzy, but the band keep enough self-control to gear down a bit once in a while and thus provide a bit of variation. Blood Feast is off course stuffed with samples borrowed from various horror movies. It provides a nice break in between all the sonic butchery and adds a murderous feel to the music.

The deep guttural frog-like growls do tend to get a little monotone particularly in "Chiavica [Cicala Grind]", but it's nothing that really affects the music in a negative way. There absolutely nothing here that haven't already been done by a million of other bands and there's nothing that set Necrotorture apart from the vast majority of other bands, but there's something about the relentless brutality this outfit unleashes that allows them to get away with it. I would definitely love to hear a full-length album from these perverted sickos if they keep butchering as they do on Blood Feast.

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