NOMINON - Terra Necrosis
Released: 2007 | Label: Pulverised | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Pulverised

01. Release in Death
02. Arcanum
03. Black Chapel
04. Ebola
05. Among the Beasts and Ancient Slumber
06. Life Extinct
07. Tabula Rasa
08. Hell Above
09. Bane Appetite
10. The Infernal Voyage

What Nominon comes up with on Terra Necrosis is a doze of Swedish old school death metal. There's nothing unheard in the music, but the band sure knows how to get the music going. I'm not very familiar with what the Swedes have put out prior to Terra Necrosis, but musically Nominon clearly is strongly influenced by their countrymen in Dismember and Entombed. The similarities are often very clear, but Nominon are able to create their own sound. The songs are varied without being overwhelming.

The band does however understand to throw enough cool things in to make it stay interesting. Prime examples of this are "Release in Death", "Life Extinct" and "Tabula Rasa". It's obvious that Nominon aren't green in this game. A thing that really counts on Swedes behalf is that they vary the tempo. There's a really good balance between the fast and the slow. The sound is as expected. It's dirty and fat just like it should be. If you like old school Swedish death metal then Terra Necrosis is hard to avoid.

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