OATH TO VANQUISH - Applied Schizophrenic Science
Released: 2006 | Label: Grindethic | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Grindethic

01. Pear of Anguish
02. Dearly Beheaded
03. Funeral in F Sharp
04. Executive Onslaught
05. Toxic Bowel Manoeuvre
06. Sulphuric Semen
07. Symptoms of Accrued Transgression
08. Sorrow in Adornment
09. Coat-hanger Massacre

Lebanon is much more than just Hezbollah and bombed buildings, it's also brutal death metal. Unlike other bands originating from the Middle Eastern region Oath To Vanquish doesn't try to give their music a Middle Eastern vibe. The music sound like it could have been done by a European or American band for that matter.

Musically we're talking brutal death metal mixed with a few bits of black metal. It's all been tried before so there's nothing new in this, but the songs are fast and tight played and this does leave its positive mark on the music. Another thing I like is that the band doesn't solely rely on being fast, but also slow things down a bit once in a while and add a few murky parts here and there. The largest downside is the vocals. Sure they are varied, but not the one-tracked Dani Filth-like screaming which is far too present. This get rather irritating to listen to after a short while, but the low guttural grunts provide a much need contrast to those and does to a degree make up for the annoying screaming.

Applied Schizophrenic Science is in no way a revelation, but it's by no means a bad effort either. Songs like "Pear of Anguish", "Funeral in P Sharp" and "Sulphuric Semen" are very good, but all in all there just too here that has already been tried out by a million other bands. So if you're able to live with this and you like your metal brutal then Oath To Vanquish is worth checking out, but expect nothing out of the ordinary because then this is the wrong place.

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