OBITUARY - Frozen in Time
Released: July 19th, 2005 | Label: Roadrunner | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Bonnier Amigo

01. Redneck Stomp
02. On the Floor
03. Insane
04. Blindsided
05. Back Inside
06. Mindset
07. Stand Alone
08. Slow Death
09. Denied
10. Lockjaw

There always a great danger of getting terribly disappointed when it comes to comeback releases, because the expectations has been turned up. I was really disappointed with the last so-called Obituary comeback album Back From the Dead [1997], and I tried to restrain myself and not get too excited, but it was close to impossible knowing that the band is responsible for classics like Slowly We Rot [1989], The End Complete [1992] and of course Cause of Death [1990] which to me is a milestone in many ways.

During the first couple of listens to Frozen in Time, I was disappointed to say the least, but it slowly began to grow on me, and now I find it to be quite good. It's no way near Cause of Death nor The End Complete, or Slowly We Rot for that matter, but nevertheless it's still quite good and far better than the boring Back From the Dead. Music-wise the band sound pretty much like they did on The End Complete and World Demise. Actually the sound is somewhere in between those two albums. It has that fat and chunky production that has always been a very integrated part of the Obituary sound.

The worst thing about the album is that there's really no 'hit songs' of the same calibre as past songs such as "Slowly We Rot", "Chopped in Half", "Rotting Ways" and "I Don't Care" just to name four Obituary classics, but the track "Insane" is darn close. It's actually also the only track that I kept putting on repeat. Of course the majority of the remaining material is worthwhile, but songs like the instrumental opener "Redneck Stomp" with its boring repeative riffing and "Slow Death" with its partly tribal drumming definitely pull down in the overall impression. Both fail to match the quality of the rest of the material. Now that I've written so much negative about the two aforementioned songs, I think it's only fair to point out that songs like "On the Floor", "Back Inside", "Mindset" and particularly "Insane" make up for what the other may lack of in durability and appeal. Still I may have set my expectations a little too high, and honestly fail to help feeling a bit disappointed, but Obituary is back, and that is after all a great thing. I guess things just have been blown out of proportion and having this in mind Frozen in Time is not such a bad release after all. I was close to give the album eight in score, but I don't think it quite deserve it, thus the seven figure.

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