Legendary death metallers Obituary returned to the scene last year after a five year absence. The band is currently working on new material and furthermore they are planning on touring Europe massively later this year. Due to the fact that I've been a fan of the band since they first released the cult album Cause of Death I was really psyched when they announced their return. So I have on a regular basis checked out their websites and last week I decided to contact singer John Tardy in order to get some facts about the current situation of the band.

John Tardy interviewed by PSL

How does it feel to be back?
Really, really gooooooood!

How has the response been so far?
The response has been great. It makes it so much easier with our websites: obituary.cc and slowlywerot.net to stay in touch with our fans.

What made you decide the time was right to reform?
Mostly the want to write new music and the surge in the whole metal scene.

What can we expect from the new material?
Hard for me to say but I think it is just as heavy as anything we have ever done.

How much material do you have to choose from so far?
We have like 6 songs done.

Do you feel a certain pressure towards the new material?
Not really. We have just been having fun writing again.

Both Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death has cult status in the underground. Do you think it's possible to ever top these classics?
I find it hard to compare one album to the next. They all have their own feel to them. However I will be curious to see what kind of fan/media reaction we get with our new album.

What are your thoughts and memories on?

Slowly We Rot

First album, the old Morrisound, Scott Burns, high school.

Cause of Death
First extensive touring, very fun time.

The End Complete
"Back to One" and "Killing Time" are two of my favourite songs.

World Demise
Last album done at Morrisound with Scott Burns and with our live soundman Big Shirt.

Back From the Dead
I think some of our best music, Criteria Studios in Miami, our first try with the Bullboys.

It came out better than I thought it would, it was the last show of an American tour so I was a little concerned that my voice was getting a little tired but it was alright. Next time we will do it closer to the beginning of a tour instead of 30 shows in.

You were signed to Roadrunner in the past. Will the new album be released through them or haven't you decided upon that yet?
We are still up in the air about who will release it.

There was quite a gab between World Demise and Back From the Dead. Why was that?
We took a small break for ourselves. We did a lot of touring prior to that.

Many people didn't seem to like Back From the Dead that much compared to the older material. Where you satisfied with that release and is it annoying to constantly having the newer material compared to the old stuff?

Everyone likes to compare, that is cool with me. I really like Back From the Dead and like I said earlier I think it is some of our best music.

Scott Burns produced all your albums with the exception of Back From the Dead. Would it be totally wish thinking to pull him out of retirement in order to come back and produce the new album or do you already have someone else lined up?
Scott Burns out of retirement is probably not going to happen but you never know. I still talk to Scott Burns all the time. We do not have anyone lined up yet but we have been talking to/about some producers.

Allan, Trevor and Donald were or are involved in other bands. How does this go in hand with Obituary?
All of them and Frank too have had projects other than Obituary they work on and it all seems to work out. I am the only one that has not done any other projects except some guest vocals.

What have you and Frank begin doing since Obituary split in 1998?
I work with computers. Mostly hardware and LANs. Frank works in refinancing.

What led to the name change from Xecutioner to Obituary back in the day?
There were just a lot of other executioners around. We needed something a little more original.

Any hopes of seeing you live in Europe this year?
We will be there in October. I will post the dates on the website as soon as I get them. Should be any day.

Any closing comments?
Thank you for your time. I look forward to getting out on the road and I hope everyone like the new record…we are trying to stay as heavy as ever.

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