1. Intro - Summoning of the Ancient Ones
  2. Sacrificial Ritual
  3. Morbid Ways of God
  4. Foreshadowing of a Coming Storm
  5. Everlasting Fires
  6. Incinerator
  7. In the Depths Below
  8. The Firmament Breathes Eternal Tranquillity
  9. Dawn of Winter
  10. Wreak Havoc - A Blackened Mind
  11. Transmitting Life to Darkness

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Germany
LABEL: Obscure Domain
YEAR: August, 2011

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Obscure Domain

Obscure Infinity is a Westerwald, Rhineland-Palatinate located five-piece. The music is old school death metal mixed with bits and pieces of thrash and black metal. The band is inspired by early Death, Unleashed and Asphyx among others.

The music is simple, but effective. Overall I think the song-writing is very good. There are lots of catchy riffs and parts. That of course makes the songs exciting. But often I get a feeling of dj-vu. It's like I've heard many of the riffs or parts before, but it's not a big problem although it's difficult to ignore.

The music is clich from start to finish and the band does nothing to hide that. That could have been an issue, but not here. I guess that is because the music is so credibly played. Often the music also have that Storm of the Light's Bane era Dissection to it. I like that as it gives the songs a bit of melody without overdoing it. It doesn't hurt either that a solo or two pop up now and then.

The music has a lot of soul and feel to it. The five-piece get that old school death metal type of feel just right. That is definitely also a thing that profits the music. The production is rough and warm. It fits the music and underlines that old school feel it has.

Dawn of Winter is a solid effort. It has all that you could want from an old school death metal CD. So if you're a fan of that type of music then you can't go wrong with Dawn of Winter.

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