Brutal US death metallers Odious Mortem released their debut Devouring the Prophecy on Unique Leader earlier this year, an album that is full on brutality from start to finish. I recently asked guitarist and founding member David Siskin some questions about the album, as well as the addition of two new members among other things.

Dave Siskin interviewed by PSL

Could you start out by saying a little about Odious Mortem, as a lot of people probably haven't heard of you yet!
Odious Mortem was started by Dan, KC, and I when we were in high school about 6 or 7 years ago. We were all instrumental in the beginning and had about 20 different names but, when we decided to start adding vocals, the name Odious Mortem came to be. Now we have a singer Anthony [ex-Carnivorous] and Joel on bass so we're a lot more complete and effective now.

Your debut Devouring the Prophecy is one brutal effort. Did you achieve what you wanted with the album or are there things here afterwards that you would have done differently?
We definitely have accomplished far more than we wanted or expected from Devouring the Prophecy. We were originally recording it just to give to our friends and for people who liked the music at shows. Most of those songs were written while we were a lot younger. But, when Matt was recording it for us, he was really happy about how it was sounding so; he sent it to Unique Leader. They liked it and wanted to put it out. We were like "WHHHHHAAAAAAAAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" We couldn't believe it because that was always the shit that inspired us to play originally. It was all really awesome how shit went down and we're fucking pleased with the way shit ended up.

Is Devouring the Prophecy entirely made up of new material or have you used or reworked older material for the album?
Well the only songs that were new for us on that album were "Morton's Neuronoma", "Caverns of Reason", and "Golden Excretion". All the other shit was written within the first year or so of our playing together. Except for the lyrics, those were relatively new.

A thing I noticed is that there are really no solos on the album. Please elaborate on why that is!
Well, I don't solo in Odious Mortem. I used to a bit, but I stopped because Dan is so fucking much better at playing leads than me. But, Dan probably just didn't want to write a solo for any of the songs, I dunno. Our new shit though is completely different. Expect tons of ridiculously fucked up solos in the new Odious Mortem gear. You're all are gonna shit.

In my ears there's a bit of Severed Savoir and Incantation in the music. Is this bands you listen to?
I fucking love Severed Savoir and old Incantation! My biggest metal influences are those bands, the mighty Decrepit Birth, Disgorge, Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, obviously fucking Deeds Of Flesh, Disembowelment, Suffocation, Death, Deprecated!, Orthrelm, shit I don't know man, tons of shit... I listen to lots of different kinds of music and I pull influences from all of that. I try to keep my ears and mind open and I think that has influenced me more than anything.

You've recorded Devouring the Prophecy with Matt Sotelo in his Legion Studio. What made you decide upon using him?
Fuck, he was down for the cause and we couldn't believe it. Decrepit Birth was pretty much our favourite band and to even get to meet him we were stoked on. But, once we got in the studio with him, we knew he had his shit on lock down. That guy knows what the fuck he's doing! I would recommend him to everyone.

Since the recording of the album you have expanded the line-up with a bassist. Could you say a little about him?
Joel is the fucking shit. He rules, he's a ripper guitarist and bassist. Couldn't be more stoked on him being in the band. He's definitely writing a lot and adding a thick edge to some new Odious Mortem riffs too. Also, we've got Anthony singing now and he fucking kills it. Such a crushing and brutal voice. He's kicking ass. I dunno man; everything is just a lot better now.

How did you hook up with Unique Leader Records?
Matt hooked it up for us. We got lucky man. I couldn't believe it when it happened because I was such a fan and I never expected anything like that to ever occur.

As far as I know you've only recorded one demo before signing with Unique Leader?

True that... Gestation of Worms demo. I helped write the material but I was unable to record on it because I was up in Santa Cruz going to school while Dan and KC were down south. We're re-recording those songs with the exception of "Morton's Neuronoma" on the next album because now they are faster and more extreme. We will probably put those songs together at the end... I dunno, maybe some weird extra scheme shit. We'll see. John Green recorded our demo at his Godfather Studios in San Diego California. John rules. He's been there since day one and he still represents.

Have any of you played in other bands besides Odious Mortem?
Yeah, we've all played in a bunch of random shit. KC and I used to play in this shitty, embarrassing band called Kentucky Fried Christians, but then we also played in a band called Zingaya with the singer of Element, Pat back in the day. Also, I grew up playing in a number of anarchy-punk / crust bands. I played with Detrimental Greed at there last show and will again if they decide to reunite... that shit was fun.

Have you commenced writing material for the next album?
Yes! The new shit is by far the best Odious Mortem material to date. Be prepared for a much more balanced, musical, mature sound but still all edgy and dark.

The Santa Cruz scene appears to be a stronghold when it comes to brutal death metal. Could you say a little about the scene?
Eh... The scene is small but it's sick. Everyone is down with each other. We all get fucked up and rock out! There are some new bands coming up in Santa Cruz like Lacerated too. Hope to play with them soon but, the thing that is sick about the Cruz is different kinds of bands playing together. Some of my favourite bands around here are Residual Echoes and Mammatus and they are all crazy psych, stoner, rocking shit.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for giving a shit about Odious Mortem. We will keep it going. Come see us play. Peace out.

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