ODIOUS SANCTION - No Motivation to Live
Released: 2006 | Label: Unique Leader | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Unique Leader

01. Bitter - Live in Hate
02. Critical Error
03. Retaliate
04. Unstoppable War
05. Tormented Souls
06. Punishing Force
07. Mental Torment
08. Force Fed Hatred
09. Drug Induced
10. Impeachment Now
11. Failure
12. Unstable
13. Bored with Life
14. Trust No One

This is quite different from what Unique Leader normally puts out. Actually it sounds more like something that could have been released by Relapse Records. I can't say that I enjoy what Odious Sanction is doing. The music is an extreme cocktail of death metal and hardcore. Not that it matters a whole lot, but this blend has already been done by a lots of others before and the fact that Odious Sanction don't sound very interesting just makes it all immensely boring. Often the music remind me of Dying Fetus, but the songs are far more chaotic and less catchy than what John Gallagher and Co comes up with.

After a couple of songs it all begins to get rather same-sounding and tiresome. A thing that quickly gets on the nerves is the shouting vocals. They aren't very varied and that only add to the negative impression I got to begin with. I can appreciate that the trio approach things in a chaotic way, but for some reason it just get too much. This blending of styles doesn't appeal to me and unless you feel otherwise I can't name a single thing why this release should be preferable in favour of something else.

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