ORB OF TORTURE - Cryogenic Cleansing
Released: 2008 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Orb Of Torture

01. The Initiation Rite
02. Frozen Hell Design
03. Antarctic Frequency Catharsis
04. Godmode

On the Stereolith demo the music had a somewhat Necrophagist and Spawn Of Possession kind of vibe to it, but it's a bit different on the latest demo from Brussels Orb Of Torture. It's clear that the band draw on a variety of inspirations both in and outside the metal genre and the new songs show a more Americanized type of technical death metal added some spastic and progressive ideas along the way.

As I wrote earlier the music is somewhat different from what the band did on Stereolith, but the core of the music is intact. It's obvious that the Belgians work to expand the sound and largely they succeed. Some of the new things work really well and some don't, like the "Robot" voice effect on "The Initiation Rite". The song-writing in general is very good and the band has an ability to come up with some interesting things. The production is sterile and cold. It goes well with the music and make it all sound complete.

I stand by what I previously wrote about Orb Of Torture - they could very well be the next big thing to come out of Belgium. If you like technical death metal with a somewhat spastic approach then you doesn't want to pass on this band.

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