ORIGIN - Antithesis
Released: April 7th, 2008 | Label: Relapse | Rating: 9/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. The Aftermath
02. Algorithm
03. Consuming Misery
04. Wrath of Vishnu
05. Finite
06. The Appalling
07. Void
08. Ubiquitous
09. The Beyond Within
10. Antithesis

On Antithesis Origin push their brutal death metal to new extremes. It didn’t seem possible to create something that could top the pulverising brutality of Echoes of Decimation, but they did. The Americans play faster, heavier and more versatile than ever before. The song-writing has improved and Origin show that they’ve learned how to take control of all parts of the music. The band plays tight and precise, and nothing is left to coincidences. Origin have created a vastly complex and technical effort that despite of the complexity proves easy to get in to.

It’s not difficult to locate exactly what it is that makes Antithesis so much better than anything else that Origin has come up with before. The band has matured song-writing wise and been able to redefine their music without compromising the extremity of their sound. Guitarists Paul Ryan and Jeremy Turner now interject bits of melody along the way. The inclusion of solos, like on “Wrath of Vishnu”, is another addition that expands the sound of the band. It doesn’t hurt either that Mike Flores’ bass-lines has gotten a lot more room in the music. Some of this has to do with the mix, but the bass has also become more audible thanks to split-second solos on “The Aftermath” and “Consuming Misery”.

As always, vocalist James Lee knows how to vary his vocals so they don’t get repetitive. He sounds as vigorous and poised as ever. It’s nice that he shuts up sometimes as the vocals had a tendency to be somewhat overdone on Echoes of Decimation. Another asset is that John Longstreth is back behind the kit. The drumming is excellent and Longstreth knows how to make it interesting with the inclusion of fills and other things in between the constant blasting. According to Relapse Records, Antithesis is a modern day death metal classic that proves Origin stand head and shoulders above their peers – I couldn’t agree more.

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