A while ago I had the opportunity to ask Origin guitarist Paul Ryan some questions. Unfortunately he wasn't exactly elaborate in his answers so the outcome is a bit thin. Nevertheless I found it appropriate to post it anyway since he does mention things that would be of interest for fans of the band.

Paul Ryan interviewed by PSL

You've recently returned from a European tour with Misery Index. How were the reactions from crowd and people in general on that tour?
The overall response from the crowd was amazing! Some people had been waiting eight years to see us live and some people had never heard of us. All I can say is we as a band were very happy with how the tour went.

I recently attended an Origin gig and I must say I was blown away by the utter brutality. Is this what people usually expect from an Origin show?
People definitely come for the intensity and to see if we can actually pull it off live.

It looks and sounds so easy when seeing you play, but I'm sure it takes a lot of practicing to hold this level. How often do you practice?
We practice everyday. It has to be everyday even if it's just a little bit.

John Longstreth rejoined the band shortly before the tour. How did this come around and has he joined on a more permanent basis?
John rejoined at the beginning of 2006. He has done a two month U.S. tour with us and now a Europe tour since he has been back. He's the fulltime drummer for Origin now. He has also recorded the drums tracks for the newest Angel Corpse CD, but will not be playing live for them. He will be on the next Origin CD which will be out on Relapse Records in 2008.

People have come and gone in Origin. Do you think you've found a stable line-up by now?
The line-ups have changed throughout the years, but it's all what is best for the band and the people involved. It's not easy leaving family behind and stuff like that. I would like to think we are back on track again.

Do you plan to continue as a four-piece or are you looking for another guitarist?
We have been a four-piece since John's return, but we will be a five-piece again for the next CD.

Echoes of Decimation is not exactly a new effort anymore so do you think when looking back that it's your best work to date or do you prefer Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas or perhaps the debut instead?
Each CD means a lot to me, but the demo is probably my favourite though.

With each CD you've had different people produce and engineer. Have you found the right sound for Origin by now or is this something that changes from recording to recording?
We have not decided where we are going to record the next one as of yet because the material isn't finished yet.

Lyrically it appears as if you approach things a little differently than most bands playing this type of music. Are there any overall topics that you focus on?
We try to stray away from religious aspects and the blood-guts genre. Although we might touch on it some modern day atrocities you read in the paper have so much content to add.

Have you commenced work on the next album?
We are overdue to get another CD done so we are concentrating on finishing this as soon as possible.

Echoes of Decimation was a very brutal effort. Do you think it's possible to push the limits for extremity even more or will you be approaching things differently on the next CD?
The next one is going to be different as is all Origin CD's. I would like to think that when our CD's come out there is a new sound that hasn't been used yet in the scene.

Musically you've always belonged among the most brutal bands. What is it about this type of death metal that you find fascinating?
It's challenging and interesting to try and make new heavy stuff.

Do you listen to a variety of different genres or do you mostly find inspiration in extreme music?
I primarily listen to death metal. I love it. It's a part of me and it's given me so much in my life.

Anything to you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks for the interview.

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