1. Blood Omen
  2. In Death, My Dominion
  3. Vae Victus
  4. The Absolut
  5. The Abyss
  6. Decapitating the Sarafan
  7. The Scion ov Balance
  8. Into the Grave
OSHIEGO - Woe to the Conquered

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Singapore
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: 2011

RATING: 7/10

Oshiego is a Singaporean five-piece. The band has put out a demo and an EP before issuing Woe to the Conquered. The music is death metal, but with some obvious clues to thrash metal. There's nothing atypical in what the Singaporean band is doing, but I couldn't care less.

The band plays tight and in-your-face. The song-writing is mature and the five-piece understands how to use lots of different features to make the songs interesting. In general the riffs are catchy and there are many good parts. The songs are diverse and have the needed changes and stops.

The band don't play all that fast, but it happens that they gear up a notch or two. The bass surface from time to time. I like that a lot, although it's a common thing. It definitely doesn't hurt either that a tasty solo regularly pop up.

The vocals are standard. It's a low end growl mixed with a raspy vocal. It goes well with the thick, rich and crunchy guitar tone. The band finish it all off with the Grave song "Into the Grave". It's an alright version, but overall it adds little to Woe to the Conquered.

As I wrote there's nothing atypical about the music on Woe to the Conquered, but it doesn't make it less good. I think Oshiego has done a very good job here. So if you like death metal mixed with bits and pieces of thrash metal then Woe to the Conquered is hard to avoid.

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