1. Don't Stop Violence
  2. Grind Till You Die
  3. Subculture Genocide
  4. Stand For Nihilism
  5. Lack of Reality
  6. The Loud Underground
  7. Beyond All Lies
  8. Antihuman Antisocial
  9. Of False Authorities
  10. Alone But Strong
  11. Profit For Golden Coffin
  12. Hatred Gave Me Wings
  13. The Gallows Swing
  14. Comin' Home
PAINFUL DEFLORATION - Antihuman Antisocial

GENRE: Grindcore
COUNTRY: Ukraine
LABEL: SFC Records
YEAR: December 1st, 2010

RATING: 5/10

Antihuman Antisocial is the third CD by the Ukrainian band Painful Defloration. The music is grindcore mixed with bits and pieces of hardcore. Most of the time the band play fast and because of that the majority of the songs tend to be a little too much alike.

The music is actually best when the band mix go for it and grindcore with hardcore. Songs like "Grind Till You Die" and "Subculture Genocide" stand because of that and so do "Lack of Reality". The music tend to be the most lively when the Ukrainians gear down a step or two, like on "Beyond All Lies". The grind parts on most of the song just tend to be too much alike and that does get a bit boring in the long run.

I find that to be a shame as there are many good riffs and parts all over Antihuman Antisocial. Unfortunately some that goes missing between all the grinding. However another thing that helps add additional miscellany in between all the grinding is the bass. I like how it pop up here and there, and provide some needed legroom.

On the whole Antihuman Antisocial isn't different from so much else. It's not a bad effort, but there's too little going on for it to be exciting for more than a little while. For fans of Nasum, Squash Bowels, Kill The Client and bands alike.

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