1. Bastard
  2. ...When I Decide It...
  3. Rigor Mortis
  4. Cadaver Pollution
  5. You´re a Cunt Worth of Rape
  6. T.H.C.
  7. If You Wanna Get Fucked ...Fuck This Knife
  8. Antisocial
  9. Angel Entrails
  10. Strange Sculptures of Flesh
PANDEGOREIUM - Wisdom of Brutality

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Bolivia
LABEL: Dantalian Productions
YEAR: 2010

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Putrido Distro

Pandegoreium is a female fronted Bolivian death metal band. The music is a blend of death metal and grindcore, added some heavy metal riffing and a nice South American vibe. It provides the music with personality and makes up a not too typical blend. Especially some of the riffs on "Antisocial" have a strong Bolivian vibe that I think is good. The songs are diverse and the five-piece are good at making the interesting overall. It's not like things tend to get repetitive.

Unfortunately the music isn't very tight all the time. This is mostly during the leads and the more heavy metal inspired parts that it tends to fall short. Overall I miss a more coherent and compact sound to provide the songs with some additional thickness. Some times it feels like there's no rhythm guitar or bass during the leads. It's like it's just the drums that provide the background and it doesn't work too well. The drums are also very high in the mix and that could explain why the guitars tend to be a little too anonymous now and then.

But funny as this may seem I don't think it's something that spoils the music. No doubt that a better and tighter production would have made a positive difference, but no matter what, the production as it is does have its charisma. I do in a bizarre kind of way like the somewhat under-produced and slightly muddy sound that many of these South American bands have. It adds a lot to the feel of the music.

Something however I don't find very appealing is the exaggerated use of movie samples. The five-piece include samples in every song and that tend to get too much. I do like the bit they've used from the movie "Cannibal Holocaust", but it does also add a lot to the mood of the music, but most of the other movie bits don't.

Despite of the different lacks and a not too tight sound I do find the music interesting. These five Bolivians have something interesting going on and with a better production this could become exciting. If you like death metal that isn't the common American or European type of thing then you shouldn't avoid taking a closer look at Pandegoreium.

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