1. Fasader
  2. Klonsamhälle
  3. En Stjärna är Född
  4. Död Integritet
  5. Eskapisten
  6. Döda Din Chef
  7. Ny Väg, Fel Riktning
  8. Blodsprängda Ögon

GENRE: Crust
LABEL: Power It Up Records
YEAR: June 24th, 2011

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Power It Up Records

I don't know a lot about the crust band Passiv Dödshjälp, actually I know nothing about the band, but the Swedes are said to be quite productive. Fasader is the latest from the five-piece. The music is good and in general diverse. The band knows how to pair the fast with the slow and vice versa. I like that as it help colour the songs.

The music of course has a lot of hardcore and punk attitude to it, but the band blends its rebellious spree with bits and pieces of black metal and that works well. There are many catchy riffs and parts on the CD, but above all I like "Eskapisten" and the bands version of the Tinner song "Döda Din Chef" the best, as well as "Blodsprängda Ögan".

As you perhaps can tell the CD starts a bit slow, but halfway it gets better and better. The vocals are of course a shouting hardcore type of singing. It fits the music just as it should.

Not being familiar with the past efforts by the band makes it's kind of difficult to compare Fasader to what else Passiv Dödshjälp has put out, but in my opinion Fasader is an effort that isn't very atypical. It doesn't really hold any surprises, but above all it's an okay CD. If you like crustcore or punk fuelled grindcore then you'll probably also like Fasader.

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