Released: October 25th, 2004 | Label: Relapse | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. Intro
02. Pretty in Casts
03. Boy Constrictor
04. Scarlet Hourglass
05. Thumbsucker
06. Gravedancer
07. Lost Cause
08. Sourheart
09. Towering Flesh
10. Song of Filth
11. Verminess
12. Torture Ballad
13. Restraining Order Blues
14. Carrion Fairy
15. Downpour Girl
16. Soft Assassin
17. Dead Carnations
18. Crippled Horses
19. The Gentleman
20. Crawl of Time
21. Terrifyer

Grindcore merchants Pig Destroyer is back with the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Prowler in the Yard and I honestly can't say they disappoint but on the other hand they doesn't really excite either.

However the material on Terrifyer is pretty diverse ranging from the typical frantic grindcore escapades over to mellower parts. The band draw on a vide range of different styles such as metal, thrash and punk rock so the music doesn't come across as being just another simple and straight ahead grindcore album. In particular songs like "Towering Flesh" and "Carrion Fairy" stands out due to their instant catchiness. The production is juicy and yet fairly clear and this without depriving the brutality and aggression in the music of anything.

I would have given Terrifyer seven and a half in score but I had to settle with a huge seven figure since we don't do in half scores and the album doesn't quite deserve eight in score. But this being said Pig Destroyer definitely belongs among the better half of the grindcore bands and it wouldn't be totally unjust to say that they are in league with Swedish grindcore meisters Nasum.

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