PREJUDICE - Megalomanic Infest
Released: August 10th, 2009 | Label: Sleaszy Rider | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Sleaszy Rider

01. Improved Chaos
02. Exanimate
03. Compulsive Leech
04. Beneath the Flesh
05. Lack of Comprehension
06. Stigmatized - Impassive
07. Terminal
08. Profane
09. Darkened
10. Prejudice
11. Die!

The Belgian band Prejudice plays some versatile death metal on Megalomanic Infest. The band mixes both the progressive and brutal in the music. The songs are detailed with lots of groove, breakdowns and changeups. The Belgians is inspired by Krisiun, Suffocation and Meshuggah amongst others, but Prejudice do add lots of personality to the music so it's not something that is all that visible.

The song-writing is competent. Above all the riffs are good and although there's a lot of breakdowns and changeups in the music it doesn't feel unnatural or too much. There's really a fine balance in how the songs are put together. The music doesn't become repetitive and there's always something different going on. On the opposite the vocals are standard, but it does add some diversity that Prejudice has two vocalists. Erik and Chris complement each other very well.

There's also a solo now and then and a bit of acoustic guitar on "Stigmatized - Impassive" and that does make a positive difference as well. It doesn't exactly hurt either that the Belgians include a version of Death's "Lack of Comprehension". It fit very well with the other songs. The production is crisp and meaty, but clear enough so nothing seems to vanish. The production as a whole goes well with the music and adds a little extra.

Megalomanic Infest is a thrilling and versatile effort. Almost every song is able to capture interest. Progressive brutal death metal is a fitting term for the music that Prejudice plays.

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