PROSTITUTE DISFIGURMENT - Descendants of Depravity
Released: March 17th, 2008 | Label: Neurotic | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: VME

01. Torn in Bloated Form
02. The Sadist King and the Generallissimo of Pain
03. In Sanity Concealed
04. Killing for Company
05. Storm of the Fiend
06. Life Depraved
07. Carnal Rapture
08. Fatal Fornication
09. Sworn to Degeneracy

Left in Grisly Fashion is almost three years old and a lot of things can happen in three years and it has. Prostitute Disfigurement anno 2008 is less brutal and more modern in their approach than they were three years ago. Descendants of Depravity is still described as death metal, but the music has gotten a more complex touch. It feels like the band have found a much of the inspiration in the more contemporary and technical types of death metal. The music does often also have a tiny thrash metal kind of vibe to it and that doesnít exactly make the music more brutal. Itís obvious that the band have tried to expand their sound and to a degree leave their peers behind. The music is now more diverse and catchy than it were on Left in Grisly Fashion or even the earlier efforts.

The song-writing is good, but the music does have an unfortunate tendency to be a little too polished and generic a lot of the time. It often feels like some of the nerve and drive is missing and I couldnít help felling a little bored now and then. The Andy Classen production is as I expected - itís crisp, clear, but to some degree also way too polished for a death metal album. The raw and brutal in the music seem to has been flushed out in favour of a modern sound and the downside is that everything feels too nice and neat. Descendants of Depravity is not an effort that is significantly different from many of the contemporary releases. Itís an effort that definitely has its moments, but not enough to be interesting in the long run.

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