PSYCHOBOLIA - Fisting You All
Released: February 1st, 2008 | Label: Xtreem | Rating: 4/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Xtreem

01. Intro
02. Androgynous
03. Psychobolia
04. Slaughter
05. Subcutaneous
06. Rotting
07. Breeding Death
08. Fisting You All
09. The Essence
10. Dedicated to Hate
11. Morbid Dreads
12. Severe Headfuck
13. The Zen

Psychobolia play some very standard sounding ultra fast death metal on their debut Fisting You All. The Frenchmen draw on inspiration from bands like Deicide, Krisiun and Sinister among other. It can be heard, but not in a major way. The songs are short, but still the band is not able to make it very appealing. It's like they concentrate mostly on being as fast as they possible can and that do get rather boring after a while.

Of course the Psychobolia do slow things down a bit once in a while, but it's not enough to save the music from ending up as an unattractive blur of blastbeats and standard sounding riffs. What Fisting You All really lacks is the catchiness. There is nothing in the music to surprise or excite the listener. If you only care about speed then Psychobolia could be just the band for you. It doesn't get much more straight forward than this.

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