It's not exactly brutal death metal you think of when Northern Ireland is brought up, but if it were up to Putrefy alone that could change. In 2009 the band issued One Nation Under Gore, the follow-up to the 2006 self-titled debut. The CD was put out via the Slovakian label Metal Age Productions. I reviewed One Nation Under Gore not long ago and it got me interested in knowing more about this brutal three-piece. Some weeks ago I got the chance to ask guitarist/vocalist Connor Brown about the band, the music and various other things.

Connor Brown interviewed by PSL

How are things in Northern Ireland? Problems with the snow like the rest of Europe?
Well as I write this, the snow has started to melt a fair bit, but yeah for about three weeks there, the snow was real bad. I'm a postman by day and I deliver in the countryside so it's been hell with the snow out there.

To someone who hasn't heard your music how would you describe it?
I would describe it as a modern day blend of the old school and the new schools of death metal. Something old, something new, if you know what I mean?

To me it seems that you're mostly inspired by brutal US styled death metal. Could you say a bit about who and what inspires you?
We're inspired mostly by 1990's New York death metal. Mostly by the likes of Suffocation, Pyrexia, Internal Bleeding and Mortician, but also "newer" bands like Skinless, Brodequin and Devourment, who in their own right aren't exactly new now.

How do you go about writing music? Is there a certain way you do it?
I come up with the riffs and myself and the drummer Jason go about arranging it, making adjustments here and there till we're all happy with it. We have a very strong work ethic and as we speak, we're currently working on new material for our third album.

What makes a good death metal song in your opinion?
Guttural vocals, detuned guitars and absolutely blasting drums with ample amounts of blast sections and breakdowns. I think Suffocation has got this down personally [laughs].

Where would you say that One Nation Under Gore differs the most from your 2006 CD Putrefy?
In so many ways it's unreal. The playing for a start is a lot better and also the song-writing. We adopted the guttural vocals because myself and Jason are huge fans of Devourment. Personally I think it's a much heavier album than the first one. We feel we have upped the intensity. Our material that we are working on for our third album will crush what we have done on this record. We guarantee!

You recorded and mixed One Nation Under Gore at Trackmix Studios in Dublin. What made you go for that studio?
It was a new upcoming studio so we decided to check it out. We had heard recordings from the studio and thought with it, we could achieve "that" sound that myself and Jason are always looking for. By this I mean, a clean, but really heavy production with all instruments having clarity even though it's so detuned. I believe we have gotten close with this album. But we are going to make the next album even heavier!

To me the production doesn't do the music much justice. I miss a thicker guitar to go with the vocals. Are you happy with how things came out or would you have done anything differently today?
Yeah, we are happy with it, but with ourselves, we always feel there is room for more heaviness! Truth be told, we had to fight a little bit with the producer to get a heavy guitar tone. His concept of heavy and our concept of heavy were two entirely different things. For our next album, we are definitely going to another studio. More probably a studio that has recorded some of our own personal favourite albums. We feel that if we're in search of a certain tone, no better way than to go to the source.

I can't ignore asking to the gory lyrics. What inspires you and is there an overall red thread?
[Laughs] the lyrics are very tongue in cheek and most are based on films! See if you can guess which films? [laughs].

Are you big fans of gore movies? Could you say something about type of movies you like the most?
Yeah, we watch a fair amount of gore and horror films. My favourites in particular are Friday The 13ths.

You're on Metal Age Productions. How did you end up with them?
When we were looking for a label, Peter from Metal Age, got in touch and expressed an interest in us. It just so happens that we were playing Caos Emergente in Portugal and Peter got the chance to see us live in full force. Peter really liked what he saw and signed us up.

Are you happy with the cooperation?
Oh, absolutely. We are ultra proud to be a part of Metal Age Productions. But with anything, it's about the team work and working together to reach and achieve bigger and better goals.

You parted with the bassist Jamie Thompson a while ago. Have you found a replacement or do you plan to go on as a trio?
No, we haven't found a replacement just yet, but we have a few candidates in mind. Recently we have been playing "Pig Destroyer-style" with no bass. But we play full stacks live and use seven and eight string guitars so it's very, very heavy live even without the bass.

Do you enjoy playing live or do you prefer to just be in the practice room and jam?
We love playing live, but we also love being in the practice writing new songs. Myself and Jason still get excited like little kids about new material.

How often do you get to play live?
As much as humanly possible. So if anyone wants to book us get in touch!

How does 2010 look for Putrefy?
Well, we're well into the writing of our third album which is much darker and barbaric. The songs aren't so much gore, but more so sheer brutality. [Laughs] a more mature offering if you will. We aim to play as much as possible so keep checking out MySpace page for info.

It appears that most metal coming out of Ireland is either doom or folk. How is death metal and grindcore doing?
Honestly, there's not enough of it. Our labelmates, Abaddon Incarnate are ripping it up right now, as are Morphosis and Skewered. Yeah, there are tons of folk and doom bands about here right now, but to be honest I'm not into that scene at all. It isn't my thing.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks very much Per for the interview. Be sure to check our MySpace page for news, info and merchandise and of course show dates. To all the Putrefy fans out there - see you soon.

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