PURTRESCENCE - Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled
Released: 2004 | Label: No Escape | Rating: 2/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: No Escape

01. Fecal Alcohol Syndrome
02. Coffin Ejecting Hearse
03. Raised in an Oscillated Braind Tumor
04. Detrunked Wizard Hacked to Bloodied Ribbons
05. Self-Strangulation in a Locked Refrigerator
06. Drilling Through Lymphatic Membrane With a Corkscrew
07. Improper Disposal of Medical Waste
08. Ebola Infected Plane Crash Victims Raining on a Church Picnic
09. 245 Trioxon
10. Reach Around Hacksaw Throat Slashing at a Nuclear Explosion
11. Gunked Up Tree Chipper
12. Agonizing Horrednous Gastrointestinal Self-Defilement
13. Blood Loss and Trauma From a Vengeful Hatchet Assault to Penile Shaft

What immediately struck me when I put Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled in the CD-player was the thin and dirty, very demo-like production. It really takes a lot to get used to that sound and honestly I'm not there yet. The music itself is very average and predictable. The worst thing on Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled is that the music is spoiled by the sloppy and noisy production which makes it sound both muddy and muffled. The music is filthy goregrind without a lot to offer, sure it has its moments but honestly they are few and far between. Judging by the awkward and somewhat hilarious songtitles I wouldn't say that Putrescence is a band that takes themselves very seriously and it does shine through.

The more I listen to Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled the more irrelevant it seem to become. None of the songs gets past the mediocre and that pretty much sums up the whole problem with this album. It simply sounds too monotone and anonymous. Despite several listens there wasn't one song that I could say was better or worse than the other. Off course it can't all be good and where other goregrind bands like Lord Gore, Embalming Theatre, Exhumed and Impaled offer quality material, a band like Putrescence doesn't offer anything remotely interesting and sadly this becomes more and more evident with each listen to Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled. So if you're willing to settle with some substandard goregrind then Putrescence is worth a listen if not then stay clear of this.

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