1. Drowned and Devoured
  2. Injected with Poison
  3. Leech
  4. The Saw is Family
  5. Hammer Redeemer
  6. Don't Go in the Woods
  7. Shroud
PYOMETRA - Inhumanities

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: Germany
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: October 29th, 2011

RATING: 5/10

Pyomentra is a Frankfurt am Main, Germany located band. The five-piece is obviously inspired by groovy death metal in the vein of Six Feet Under and Obituary. The music does have some personality, but the riffs and parts are often similar to what Six Feet Under play.

That of course doesn't automatically make it bad, and it isn't. Overall the music is catchy, but some of the songs tend to be less interesting. It's obvious that the band focus on the moderate and groovy in the music and that does get a bit tiring after a while. Sure there are bits and pieces that are up-tempo, but overall the pace isn't very fast.

The band do try some own ideas here and there, some work better than others. The vocal effect that is on part of the song "Leech" is annoying. It sounds a bit like a frog and it doesn't fit the music at all. The closer "Shroud" is just a track of different noises. It doesn't really seem to have a purpose other than being filler.

The production is fat and crisp. That does profit the music. On the whole I think Pyometra have some interesting things going on, but the music is in my opinion often a little too close to that of Six Feet Under. If the Germans want to push it to the next level more work is needed, but I think the band is on its way.

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