RAW - The Beastard
Released: 2009 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Raw

01. The Beastard
02. Lucid Dreams
03. The Great Giveaway
04. Bloodwalker
05. Fuck the Scene
06. World on Fire
07. Sloth is My Virtue

The German band RAW play a peculiar blend of grindcore and thrash metal add some rock n' roll and punk. The music is quite versatile and I guess that's not so odd with all the different inspirations that the band has. The drums however has a tendency to be a little too same-sounding at times, I'm not entirely sure but some of it could be because they are placed high in the mix and thereby take a lot of the attention.

Many of the riffs are not exactly the most exciting either, but the band is to a degree able to compensate for this thanks to the solos and regular shifts in gear. This prevents largely the music from getting boring. However I miss a little more throttle and a more in-your-face attitude now and then to boost the energy level a bit.

Philipp Lehmann's vocals are fairly varied and fit well with the music. The sound has a rock 'n roll kind of touch to it. It's not that compact and that way the music sometimes doesn't appear all that tight. The bass gets a lot of room in the soundscape, but it's on expense of the guitars which tends to be a bit anonymous now and then.

With The Beastard it's apparent that RAW have a lot of ideas and most of it work well, but I have my doubt that the music is interesting enough to carry a full-length release - as it is now the vitality and energy for that is too small.

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