Swedish grindcore is something that most people probably associate with the defunct grinders Nasum; another band that has been in the game for just as long is Regurgitate, and these grindcore extremists are now topical with another gut-churning effort in the shape of a fourth full-length release Sickening Bliss. I couldn't let the opportunity of asking the band some questions pass me by, and vocalist Rikard Jansson was the one appointed to shred some light on current and past activities of the band.

Rikard Jansson interviewed by PSL

Would you say you play grindcore or goregrind? The difference between these two genres is sometimes a bit blurry!
Definitely grindcore. We have never claimed anything else.

Could you say something about what it is that appeals to you playing this style?
The energy and the flow, that well played drumbeats and grind creates.

Obviously Carcass and Napalm Death have been an inspiration, but what else do you listen to?
Oh yeah that's true. Those two bands have always played an important role in Regurgitate when it comes to writing music. We're all listening to very varied types of music, and all of us have different preferences, but I personally listen to a lot of old school heavy metal right now, like Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister and Motörhead. I'm also totally hooked on the new Mastodon album.

What have you been doing in the three years between the predecessor Deviant and the new one, Sickening Bliss?
Played a few gigs, writing new music, slacking, working, taking care of our families and stuff like that.

Sickening Bliss was recorded in Backbone Studios. What were your reasons for choosing that studio?
We initially talked about looking for another studio other than Soundlab, but when Mieszko [late Nasum frontman] passed away, we didn't really had a choice other than to choose different studio. Our drummer Jocke suggested that we should try Backbone which I think was a splendid idea.

Jocke engineered and mastered the CD. Was this a new experience, and did it make you approach things differently?
It made things a lot easier for all of us and way more relaxed compared to have someone else doing the job.

I think Sickening Bliss is a varied effort. Is it important for you that the music isn't just one long blastbeat contest?
Very important! There are far too many grindcore albums out there that, and may I quote Barney here, 'Bore the tits off me' end quote, so we tried to make Sickening Bliss a much more varied and interesting type of album, well… interesting in a extreme point of view, if you know what I mean.

What do you think make a good grindcore song? Is it the speed, the extremity, the catchiness or something entirely different?
Sound and the catchiness without any doubt! Speed is kind of necessary, but it's not everything.

Glenn Sykes recently quit the band. Did this come as a surprise?

No, not really. He gave us hints long before he decided to leave. Sad, but true.

You've found a replacement in Johan Jansson. Could you say something about him?
Oh yes, he's simply awesome! Johan is the perfect replacement for Glenn, since he's a skilled guitar and bassplayer. He had no problems whatsoever to learn the setlist, and we did a successful gig with him after just two rehearsals. Johan is also handling the drums in Uncurbed, and he used to sing for Centinex, and now he's also busy with Interment and Demonical.

Do you have any new split releases planned?
As a matter of fact yes. We recently recorded 15 new songs that will end up on a split 7" with Holland's Skullhog [formerly known as Bile] and we might do a split 7" with Dead Infection in 2007. There are also plans for a full 7" on a US label. More news to come on that one soon.

Which CD's would you say is essential in every grindcore and goregrind collection?
Repulsion Horrified, Napalm Death Scum and From Enslavement to Obliteration, Carcass Reek of Putrefaction and Death Leprosy.

Would it be appropriate to speak of a grindcore scene in Sweden? I mean it doesn't seem very visible besides you, Birdflesh, Relevant Few and the defunct Nasum!
Yeah, why not? We have a few bands here that deserve some attention. Two of them are definitely Sayyadina and Gadget. Two good bands that I hope all the best for in the future.

Are you going to tour in support of Sickening Bliss or will you only be doing some local gigs and such?
An extended US tour is in the works as we talk. Canada and the East coast will be covered during two and a half weeks in May 2007 including Maryland Deathfest. When we get home from that tour, I hope we'll be able to do some summer festivals around Europe and I'm also going to try to get us on a serious European tour to support Sickening Bliss, since the other tour we were supposed to do in October and November 2006 got cancelled which sucks.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thank you for the interest in Regurgitate and be on the lookout for new Regurgitate releases in the future! Cheers!

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