REGURGITATE - Sickening Bliss
Released: October 23rd, 2006 | Label: Relapse | Rating: 4/6 | Reviewer: PSL | Distribution: Target

01. Bliss [intro]
02. Abducens Eminence
03. Euphoric State of Butchery
04. Coccoon of Filth
05. Putrid Serenity
06. Tenderizing the Malformed
07. Violent Necrophilic Climax
08. Cavernous Sores
09. Reborn in Latrinic Ecstacy
10. Bleed on Me
11. Gutrot Hogfrenzy
12. Undying Lust for Cadaverous Molestation
13. Battered with a Brick
14. Devoured by Ghouls
15. Addiction [an Unconditional Love for Blasphemous Perversions]
16. [We are] Sadistic Hateful Scum
17. Worm Eater
18. Perish in Blood
19. Upheaveal of Human Entrails
20. Bathed in Feculence
21. Bestial Sons of Devastation
22. Defile
23. Deterioration of Grated Genitals
24. Excremental Ingestment
25. Hacksaw Hysterectomy
26. Catatonic Possession

I remember picking up the second Regurgitate CD Carnivorous Erection back when it was put out in 2000, but for some reason it didn't really appeal to me at that time so I sort of forgot about the band. Now here in 2006 I sit with the Swedes latest effort Sickening Bliss and perhaps my taste in music has changed a bit along the way or maybe Regurgitate has matured a little? I really don't know, but regardless of which, fact is that Sickening Bliss rocks. The music is of course gut-soaked goregrind with clear references to early Carcass with all that belong from low gurgling growls to gut-churning guitars.

Musically things are fairly varied. Never does the music appear one-tracked or uncontrolled. Perhaps it's because the songs are not just one long run-of-the-mill blastbeat contest? Regurgitate are practised enough to lower the pace now and then or even throw in a tiny bit of groove a few places, but make no mistakes Sickening Bliss is a study in brutality and human depravity. Rikard Jansson's growls are another thing that takes Sickening Bliss to a higher level. They vary from a very moist gurgling to a more common type of growl. Moreover Glen Sykes depraved bass-lines finds its way upfront on a few occasions. This and all the other things make a homogeny and likeable compound when combined.

The production is dirty and fat with just the right amount of clarity to make it the music perfect. Sickening Bliss may not be the most accessible effort for those untrained, but for fans of goregrind this release is a must.

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