REPOSSESSION - Reign Over Inferno
Released: May 25th, 2009 | Label: Psycho | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Psycho

01. Let`s Fuckin` Die
02. Deaden
03. Rain Over Inferno
04. Tasted
05. Stray Soul
06. The Wings

The Polish band Repossession plays old school death metal. The music is inspired by Dismember and Bolt Thrower amongst others, but the inspirations aren't too obvious and the five Poles do provide the music with some personality.

Reign Over Inferno was issued as a demo in 2008 and has later been put out as this MCD by Psycho Records. This release doesn't really feel like a demo recording. The music is well put together and the production isn't bad either - it's sort of dirty and dry, but it fits the music.

The band likes to keep things mid-tempo or a bit slower. It works okay, but some faster parts for additional variation would have been nice. As a whole Reign Over Inferno is a standard effort, but the Poles do have enough goods riffs to avoid things getting tedious. Nevertheless Reign Over Inferno is an effort that never really becomes all that interesting.

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