EMETH - Retriculated
Released: April 30th, 2006 | Label: Brutal Bands | Rating: 4/6 | Reviewer: PSL | Distribution: Brutal Bands

01. Eleven
02. Fallacy of Reason
03. Karmic Impediment
04. Heteronomy of the Will
05. Concentric Diversions
06. Predestined to Persevere
07. Order From Chaos
08. Synoptical Incoherence
09. Nescientia

I've heard and read lots of good things about Belgian deathers Emeth, but never actually heard their music before recently. I now fully understand why so much good have been said and written. The music is brutal death metal with a chaotic touch that among other bring Cryptopsy to mind. It makes the music somewhat unpredictable, but band still have enough focus to keep it from getting derailed.

The songs are mostly kept in the quicker end, but Emeth is not afraid of slowing things down a bit once in a while. Off course the music almost immediately gear up again, but these small variations prevents it from getting one-tracked and tiresome. In one way or the other most of the songs are good, but particularly the opener "Eleven", "Karmic Impediment" with its odd beginning, "Heteronomy of the Will" with its Immolation-like ending and "Synoptical Incoherence" with its sick middle part appeared the most valuable. Recorded in the widely used Studio Excess the sound is clear, but still very powerful. It fits Emeth's complex and chaotic death metal perfectly.

Reticulated is possibly not anything out of the ordinary, but it's still more appealing than so much else put out nowadays. The band clearly have found a sound and to a degree a style that they rightfully can call their own. Fans of bands like Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation and most bands on the Unique Leader rooster should take a closer look at Reticulated as it's just as good as anything the others have put out.

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