1. Decay
  2. Loss
  3. Crime
  4. GDP
  5. CTC
  6. Flesh
  7. Fear
  8. Time
ROTTEN SOUND - Consume to Contaminate

GENRE: Grindcore
COUNTRY: Finland
LABEL: Power It Up Records
YEAR: 2006

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: Power It Up Records

Consume to Contaminate was first issued by Spinefarm Records in August and now the EP has been put out on vinyl via Power It Up Records.

Something I noticed just now is how much Rotten Sound have in common with Dismember in particular the guitar sound is much alike, but also the music itself has many things in common with the Swedes. It's not a problem, but I find it difficult to ignore.

I like the crude and dirty sound that the music has. It adds some additional strength to the songs. Consume to Contaminate is not just another blast effort. Sure the music is fast, but the four-piece often slow things down and goes for a more human tempo. That generates a variety of gradations in the music. It gives the music a more death metal type of feel.

If Consume to Contaminate is any guideline of what to expect of the next Rotten Sound full-length then it does promise well. I may not have paid too much attention to the Finns in the past, but the four-piece definitely got my interest now.

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