SARPANITUM - Despoilment of Origin
Released: February 26th, 2007 | Label: Galactic | Rating: 9/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Galactic

01. Seducing the Phallus Throne
02. Halls of Decadence
03. Ascending the Divine
04. Provocation of an Eternal Odium
05. Dusk over Assyria
06. Cur Defilement
07. Dawn of Enthrallment
08. Despoilment of Origin

On Despoilment of Origin Sarpanitum practice brutal, but catchy and epic death metal of a high calibre. Drawing comparison to both Nile and Mithras wouldn't be too far out. The references are most definitely there, but the band is able to transfer this into something that doesn't sound like a rip-off.

The musicianship is in top. This really shows in form of the songwriting. The songs are varied and the quartet clearly knows how to make the music interesting. A lot of the time the music is total Nile-like brutality, but just like the Americans Sarpanitum doesn't just rely on playing ultra fast from start to finish. No doubt it's an important part of the music, but the Brits also know how to slow things down now and then. Another thing that adds further to the diversity is the leads. These are a very important part of tracks like "Seducing the Phallus Throne" and "Ascending the Divine" as well as the titletrack.

Moreover Sarpanitum add ambience to the music by using acoustic guitars in "Dusk over Assyria" as well as small amounts of keyboard in some of the other songs. It's all done in a delicate way and it work just the way it should. These different elements provide Despoilment of Origin with a forceful and nuanced expression. The production is crisp, powerful and fairly clear. It's quite easy to hear what's going on and none of the details seem to vanish. It suits the music just perfect.

Despoilment of Origin hardly signalized anything unheard, but it's of no importance because what Sarpanitum do they do well. I would lie if I wrote I wasn't impressed. Fans of death metal in the vein of Nile and Mithras can safely pick up Despoilment of Origin. This CD can almost not disappoint.

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