SCENT OF FLESH - Deform in Torture
Released: 2007 | Label: Firebox | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. Living but Stillborn
02. At the Stake of Mercy
03. Deform in Torture
04. Last Act of Power
05. Relentless Hands
06. Delusions of Deity
07. One Holy Truth
08. Our Own Archnemesis

I took the EP Become Malignity as a taster of what to come on Deform in Torture, but I was wrong. The music sounds a little different from the material of Become Malignity. There's noting new under the sun though. Scent Of Flesh practices death metal just like they've, and others, have always done. There's nothing wrong in this and the Finns play with skill and dedication, but somehow the result isn't that appealing. While the music has its highlights, it often seems to run a little too much on automatic.

A lot of the time many of the songs seem to stand still or almost go nowhere. The music is standardized and anonymous for me to stay focused for a longer period. On Become Malignity, the production had a punch. This boosted the songs a bit, but it's the opposite on Deform in Torture. The sound is a little too dry on Deform in Torture and the result is a less forceful effort. It's clear that the band has some worthwhile ideas, but Scent Of Flesh doesn't convey it into something convincing this time, thus the music barely reaching the mundane.

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