1. Gerra
  2. Incinerate
  3. Nightwraiths
  4. Summon the Bringer of Demise
  5. Havoc
  6. Court of the Sloths
  7. Manifest
  8. Declaration of War
  9. Allured God
  10. Divest
  11. The All Engorging Furnace
SECTU - Gerra

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: ViciSolum Productions
YEAR: May 16h, 2012

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: ViciSolum Productions

With Gerra the Swedish three-piece Sectu return with another slap of murk and technical death metal. The riffs are massive, catchy and overall the music has a lot of feel to it

The opening track "Incinerate" reminds me a bit of Necrophagist, but there's much more to the music than just that. The Swedes obviously draw on a variety of influences. There are hints of later-day Death as well as bits and pieces of Morbid Angel, and even some Slayer-type of riffs now and then.

The song-writing is great. The music has most of what you could ask of the genre. There's lots of diversity both in terms of pace, but also in the riff work. The trio adds a bit of groove when needed. The leads are also very competent. It feels like nothing has been left to circumstances. Opposite to most of the songs the band gear down a notch or two on "Court of the Sloths". Overall I think the band avoid getting repetitive.

The production fit the music just right. It's thick, but clear enough so nothing seems to vanish. There's nothing new or extrodinary about Gerra, but it's a fine effort that is hard to ignore if you like technical death metal in the vein of Death and Necrophagist.

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