SEVERE TORTURE - Bloodletting
Released: February 7th, 2005 | Label: Karmageddon | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. Feces For Jesus
02. Baptized in Virginal Liquid
03. Decomposing Bitch
04. Impelled to Kill
05. Mutilation of the Flesh
06. Butchery of the Soul
07. Carnivorous Force
08. Misanthropic Carnage
09. Pray For Nothing
10. Lost Souls
11. Till the End
12. Severe Torture
13. Baptized in Virginal Liquid
14. Lambs of a God
15. Taking Down the Descender

This is not the new studio album from Holland's pendant to Cannibal Corpse, better known as Severe Torture but instead their "farewell" album to their now former label Karmageddon Media. The first nine songs were recorded live in Aarhus, Denmark in May 2004 by producer Tue Madsen [Exmortem, Aborted, Panzerchrist]. The band play really tight and it's actually nearly impossible to hear that this is a live album except from the few chants that occasionally appears in between the songs. The band states that there's hasn't been made any changes or overdubs on the live recording so if that's true then Severe Torture is a pretty brutal encounter. The album furthermore contains a cover version of the old Pestilence tune "Lost Souls" and the bands 1998 Baptized in Virginal Liquid demo. The cover song is pretty good but very close to the original version so it's just almost like every other coversong ever recorded. The demo is both sound and musicwise of a decent quality even though the production is a bit thin.

None of the material ever gets really interesting, but from a fan perspective it might be an interesting encounter. So Bloodletting shouldn't miss in the collection if you're a big fan of the band but if not then I would save my money for their next studio album 'cause Bloodletting is after all just a very mediocre release.

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