SEWAGE SAMMICH - One Man's Sewage is Another Man's Sammich
Released: 2006 | Label: 3XM Productions | Rating: 2/6 | Reviewer: PSL | Distribution: 3XM Productions

01. Bongwaterbed
02. Disappeared in the Back Seat
03. Inatech
04. K9-69
05. Cut the Line
06. Regurgitated Baby Flesh
07. Grindcore Steering Wheel
08. The Save-A-Lot Parking Lot
09. Shake those Tits and Ass
10. Sluts on the Internet
11. Retarded Chicks Don't Care if I Have AIDS
12. Steve Ford Vs. John Hancock
13. Head in a Graveyard...on VHS
14. Sew-Edge
15. A Slice of Freedom
16. Black Guy Pees
17. Sittin' on the Toilet Eatin' Chinese
18. Russia Beat us to the Moon Pie
19. Fill'er Up
20. Thrashy Romance Novel
21. Surfin' with Satan
22. Monkeys in Space

Most people will probably dislike Sewage Sammich's music and I tend to feel the same. It takes some effort before it sinks in. It's the type of music that you don't digest right away. Of course this usually would indicate that the songs begin to grow the more you listen to them, but somehow that is not really the case here. There are things that are interesting here and there, but nothing that makes a lasting impression. The trio is heavily influenced by Agoraphobic Nosebleed and to a degree also by XXX Maniak. This can be heard, mostly thanks to the drum machine, but Sewage Sammich don't limit them to grindcore. They also mix it with some thrash metal and other genres as well, but nevertheless the music end up being an aching experience.

The drum machine work alright now and then. There's a few songs where you don't really notice it's programmed drums, but often the band overdo it to a degree where everything end up being a total blur of noise. Another thing is the vocals which frequently seem to almost vanish in the music. On a positive note Sewage Sammich doesn't just blast ahead mindlessly. They aren't afraid of doing some experimenting and the band do put effort into try varying things, but it doesn't really change much because of the drums and the vocals. It's clear that the trio have ideas, but overall I fail to hear anything interesting on One Man's Sewage is Another Man's Sammich.

The effort was mastered by Scott Hull and he has managed to give the band a powerful sound, but nevertheless it gets a bit blurry ever once in a while. One Man's Sewage is Another Man's Sammich is a release that will appeal to the few and I'm not one of them.

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