SILOVANJE - Taste of Death
Released: 2006 | Label: Grindhead | Rating: 3/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Grindhead

01. Taste of Death
02. Midnight
03. Recognized
04. I Raped a Rapist
05. Gummies
06. There's a Time to Rape and There's a Time to Kill
07. I the Baby of Hate
08. Fucked in the Forbidden Forest
09. Bitch
10. Jane Doe
11. Silovanje

Silovanje is brutal deathgrind with some references to The Berzerker. The two bands mostly have the programmed drums in common. The drums are also what makes me dislike The Berzerker so much and Silovanje are unfortunately not any better. A real drummer would have worked wonders here. The band also draw on influences from Dying Fetus, Phobia and Regurgitate. The music is very good, but it's sabotaged by the poor programming. The computer drums immediately get annoying and it sounds like a power drill when the drums blast ahead. This does wear of on the music in the worst possible way.

The band have some interesting ideas both guitar and vocal-wise, but it's impossible to get past the crappy drums. Lyrically the band is total cliché, but altogether the songs "Midnight" and "I Raped a Rapist" proved to be the most interesting. A real drummer and Silovanje could become very good, but as it is now it just feels very annoying.

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