SIX STRING SLAUGHTER - The World Slaughter
Released: 2009 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 5/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Six String Slaughter

01. Natural Punishment
02. In the Search for Truth We will Stagnate
03. Emotional Darkness
04. You Just Fucking Hate Yourself
05. In Touch with Tomorrow

This Danish trio play some conventional groove laden death metal added some elements of modern metal and metalcore. The music does have its moments, but I can't help feeling a little bored now and then. Some of this has to do with the minimal diversity in the tempo.

The Danes mostly centre on the moderate and to some degree also the slow in the music. It often feels too laid back and that kills the nerve and energy in the music. A song like "Natural Punishment" illustrates this well. It's like the band is a bit restrained by something and don't really dare to let loose. I miss some solos to create more diversity as well. It feels like the band concentrate mostly on the heavy parts.

Drummer Nicholas Maschøln and guitarist Søren Jensen have both played in Corpus Mortale. It does reflect a little in the music, but not too much as the band take inspiration in a variety of different styles of metal. The music is close to that of contemporary Swedish and American bands.

The sound is chunky and compact. However it's like something is missing in the music. Somehow the music itself doesn't feel all that tight and in your face. Perhaps another guitarist would make a difference? - I don't know.

The World Slaughter is not a bad debut, but it's not an effort that makes this reviewer starving for more. Fans of more contemporary music may enjoy The World Slaughter a lot more than I did.

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