US death metallers Skinless just released their DVD debut Skinflick which according to the band should get you both headbanging and laughing at the same time. So out of plain curiosity I recently approached guitarist Noah Carpenter with a bunch of questions regarding the band's new DVD as well as the upcoming album but it turned out that the band weren't as long in the songwriting process as I had gotten the impression of from reading on several sites.

Noah Carpenter interviewed by PSL

What's the current status of the band?
Our New DVD Skinflick has just been released. We are laying low from touring for a little while and trying to write a new album.

John Langstreth left the band earlier this year and you had former skinsman Bob Beaulac fill in on some dates. Has he joined the band permanently?
Bob will write the new album with us and will play shows in the meantime but it is unclear right now whether or not he'll be able to commit to future touring.

Has it changed anything that you have Bob back in the band?
It's less stressful, Bob is a far more consistent drummer and his style fits Skinless very well. It's just heavier overall.

Have you commenced work on the follow-up to From Sacrifice to Survival?
Progress has been a bit slow due to many distractions but the end of 2004 and early 2005 will be nothing but song writing for us.

How does the new material compare to your previous efforts?
Not enough has been written yet to really determine that but our goal is to write the heaviest Skinless album ever. I see it as being a mixture of all 3 of our previous albums.

Will you be working with Neil Kernon again?
Neil is awesome and he did a great job on From Sacrifice to Survival but it's far too early to even be thinking of producers right now. We're going to see how the material is coming along and determine exactly what kind of sound we're shooting for before choosing a producer.

Do you have any idea on when the new album will be out?
It would be great if it was out by the end of 2005 but it's just too early to tell.

How has the response been to From Sacrifice to Survival been?
From Sacrifice to Survival has a bit of a different sound to it compared to our other albums so some people loved the refreshing change and the fact that we stepped it up a notch musically but then again there were people who were looking for Progression Towards Evil part 3. Overall the reviews have been great.

Which bands have had a huge impact on your playing?
I've been inspired and influenced by tons of bands since I was young. Some of them are Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Dio, Slayer, Obituary, Suffocation, Judas Priest etc.

You just released a DVD. Could you tell a little about that?

Skinflick documents the worldwide antics and world renowned ferocity of the band. It takes a look inside our world, from the recording of our full-length effort, From Sacrifice to Survival, to live performances on stages the world over. This all access DVD will have you both headbanging violently and laughing deliriously, as the power and energy of our live show collides head-on with hysterical off-stage antics. Sit back and prepare to get buzzed and brutal.

You've made a video for From Sacrifice to Survival. Will it be featured on the DVD or was it only for promotional use?
This video will appear on the DVD along with about 15 live songs from around the world.

You seem to tour quite a bit. Is it as important for you to be on the road as it is to write and record new music?
It is all very important but we toured so much in 2003 that we didn't have any time to write new music so taking a good chunk of time off should help us with that.

So you don't have any live activities scheduled for the coming months?
Nope, just writing, writing, and writing. A new website is in the works and plenty of cool merchandise on the way.

Any closing comments?
Thanks for the interview. Check out our new DVD, it's almost 2 hours long and is only $12. Plenty of brutality and comedy all rolled into one.

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