1. Hundred 25
  2. The Closest Embrace
  3. Suiciding
  4. Mary Ann
  5. The Pressing
  6. Phase C
  7. Icon of Your God
  8. Relapse
  9. Bone Sacrifice
  10. Eternally
SOULDECEIVER - The Curious Tricks of Mind

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Buil2kill
YEAR: April, 2011

RATING: 5/10
PROVIDED BY: Nadir Promotion

You can't always judge a book by its cover. Just look at the bandname, the artwork and the song-titles and don't tell me you expected this to be death metal, but it is.

The Italian five-piece plays modern death metal. The music has lots of groove as well as bits of melody. A lot of the groovy parts seem inspired by Ektomorf, but I do hear a bit of Death in the music as too. The songs are overall diverse and the band doesn't limit the music to just a single genre, but in spite of that it never gets all that exciting. Sure there are good riffs and parts as well as catchy bits and pieces like on "Suiciding" and "Icon of Your God.

The music is in the softer end of the death metal scale. No doubt that the five-piece know what they are doing, but often the music lack some real bite. It feels too nice and sterile for my taste. The songs are mostly played at a moderate pace, and it does make it a bit boring in the long run.

The Curious Tricks of Mind is above all a standard effort, but if you like your death metal with groove, a bit of piano here and there, then you ought to give The Curious Tricks of Mind a chance.

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