Released: 2003 | Label: Unique Leader | Rating: 8/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Superion

01. Lamashtu
02. Swarm of the Formless
03. Hidden in Flesh
04. A Presence Inexplicable
05. Dirty Priest
06. Spawn of Possession
07. Inner Conflict
08. Cabinet
09. The Forbidden
10. Church of Deviance
11. Uncle Damfee

Yet another great signing to the ever growing fold of great Unique Leader bands. These Swedes surely know how to create memorable and brutal death metal. Spawn of Possession deliver an assault of pure relentless aggression on their debut CD Cabinet.

The arrangements and structures in the songs witness of a thoroughly structured and varied effort that leaves little to be desired. This CD has simply got it all: plenty of crazy drumming, tons of evil riffing, slow heavy parts and some really great leads. If you don't believe me, then listen to incredible songs such as "Swarm of the Formless", "Dirty Priest", "The Forbidden", "Church of Deviance" and "Uncle Damfee" and don't tell me that you're not convinced. Music-wise Spawn of Possession seem to be influenced by bands such as Disincarnate, Death and Gorguts but it would be totally unfair to say they sound like any of the aforementioned bands. Actually they have their own quite unique sound. The production is clear, making it fairly easy to hear all the little details - and this without making the music seem thin.

Cabinet is a very solid death metal album that should appeal to most fans of brutal death metal out there. You shouldn't hesitate with getting this. Definitely one of the highlights in 2003.

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