I had the opportunity to talk with drummer Dennis Röndum from rising Swedish technical death metallers Spawn Of Possession about their participation in the upcoming No Mercy Festivals in April, among some other things. Read further if you want to know more about one of the best new bands that have emerged from Sweden in the last couple of years.

Dennis Röndum interviewed by PSL

So what's happening in the Spawn Of Possession camp at the moment?
Right now we're working on some new stuff and preparing for the No Mercy Festivals in April.

Cabinet is a really powerful and varied debut. Cabinet seem mainly to be made up of mostly new material. How long have you been working on those songs?
All in all for approximately five years so all the material on the album isn't sparking new. Half of the songs are from the demo days and the other five is written specifically for the album.

A band that really comes to mind when listening to Cabinet is Disincarnate, Is this a band you are inspired by or is the similarities just a coincidence.
To be perfectly honest I've never heard Disincarnate, but it does ring a bell when you mention them. Obviously I've missed a great band here…shame on me!!! I'm gonna check them out a.s.a.p. So the answer to your question is that there must be similarities by coincidence.

You don't sound like the typical Scandinavian or Swedish death metal band. Hell If I didn't knew better I'd swear you were from the US. Do you seek inspiration in the American scene or is it just a coincidence that things turned out the way they did?
Most of our inspiration comes from the States and Canada yeah. We don't pick up very much from the Swedish scene these days so naturally our sound and style tends to be strongly related to the US. The main thing that appeals to us with some of the American bands is the fact that they don't stand still in their genre but instead try to break new ground of musicality and technical skills.

Where do you find your lyrical inspiration?
Most of the time I get an idea and start juggle with it but as the movie freak I am I can't deny that I sometimes pick up shit from flicks as well.

You've just returned from your North American tour. How were the shows? I hear many complaints on bad turnouts at shows in the US these days.
I think the tour was kick ass and it broaden our horizons quit a bit. If you do a tour that is a little bit underground like we did sure you will run into some venues and promoters that totally suck ass. But you know the bottom line is always the show and the fans and those things were mostly amazing for us.

Have you had any time to work on new material while being on tour? Or do you prefer to write when being home?
We never write on the road, it's too hard when you're hammered all the time [laughs]. We always write at home without pressure and people all over the place! Right now is the first time since the album got released that we've been able to try out ideas for songs along with arranging some riffs but the real structures won't be done until after the No Mercy tour.

How has the response to Cabinet been? I read that you had sold more than 4.000 copies up till July 03 so I assume that, that figure have risen quite a bit since then!
You know what, I'm sure it has but I haven't really heard anything about the sales since we got that number so I don't know out current status.

You've been added to the No Mercy Festival 2004. That's a really huge opportunity to get your name out to the masses! It must be really exciting to be a part of an event of that magnitude?
Oh man this is an amazing opportunity for us. And the fact that we got invited by Cannibal Corpse doesn't make it less amazing. We're extremely exited about this tour and we're preparing the tightest set ever. Another very cool aspect is that we get to tour with a lot of bands that we've been into for years and never got a chance to see live.

Do you use a session vocalist when playing live? I mean when looking in the booklet to Cabinet it only says: "Vocals on this recording by Dennis". Dennis, I assume is you! I just found it a little odd to write it that way. Is there any special idea behind this?
We just didn't have a vocalist at the time of the recording so I went in and did it. For live shows we've been having Jonas Renvaktar from Disruption to help us out but we're considering on bringing him in fulltime instead since he's a very good performer with a sick voice and also a hell of a cool guy! He will also do the No Mercy with us.

Unique Leader is the happening place when it comes to brutal death metal today. They seem very dedicated and their roaster of bands stands as proof that they know what they are doing. So was it a logical step for you to sign with them?

Our greatest concern when we were gonna sign with a label was to make sure we got a fair studio budget and support for touring. This was something Unique Leader provided along with other great things such as a killer band roaster, professional people and a good reputation. So in a way I guess it was a logical step for us. All the promises they have giving us so far has become reality so we are very happy with working with them.

How is the death metal underground in Sweden today? Is it alive and well?
Hell yeah, it's rising and I'm proud that we're standing right in the middle of it. Bands that I totally recommend that you check out are Insision, Visceral Bleeding, Imperious, Strangulation, Aeon, Disruption, Godhate, Deranged, Soils of Fate, Immersed in Blood, Stabwound and some others that slipped my mind right now. In general I think the Swedish scene is strong, what it lacks is people coming out and supporting the bands at live shows.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Cheers and thanks for the interview. Make sure you head out to our show with Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus and Prejudice at Loppen, Copenhagen on February 11th. It's gonna be a sick show! Support the underground and stay fucking sick!

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