A while ago the Swedish technical death metallers Spawn Of Possession released their sophomore album Noctambulant via Neurotic Records. It's an album that outdo the 2003 debut Cabinet on every front and this despite of Cabinet being an immensely powerful effort, but Noctambulant simply just has more of everything. Some time ago I got the opportunity to ask drummer Dennis Röndum some questions and I could of course not let the chance of hearing the latest pass me by.

Dennis Röndum interviewed by PSL

Musically it sounds as if you've gotten even more technical on Noctambulant than on the debut Cabinet. Where do you hear the biggest difference between the two?
I think the songs are a lot more diverse and different from each other on the new album. The production is also something that differs quite a bit from Cabinet and like you said, it's more technical this time around. I'm not sure if there are that many big differences between the two albums, it's more about the little things that set them apart.

Style-wise I hear similarities with both Atheist and Necrophagist. Do you think that comparison is fitting?
I can see where you're coming from, but I don't think we're that alike style-wise. I mean the tech aspect is there and also the charge of experimentation, but I don't think the three of us sound the same. It's of course very flattering to be compared to two such great bands but I do think we all have our own style.

A thing I really like is that you haven't cut back on the leads, on the contrary. Are these an important aspect for you musically?
Yes I think so, but it has never been a set thing to have leads just for the sake of it. It's very important that the actual lead serves the song and is just not there for some show off purpose. We've been blessed with a great solo guitarist who really adds to the music and doesn't hold back and I think that's something that really lifts the music.

It sounds so easy when listening to the album, but I'm sure it takes a lot of practicing to hold this level. How often do you practice?
Before a recording session or a tour it's at least five nights a week plus individual practise on our own at home. Our music is extremely demanding and we have to keep playing it all the time in order to keep it tight. When we're on a good roll and everything is flying, a sort of flow starts going through the music and I think this is what makes it sound easy to play. Of course it's never easy to play; it's all about hard work.

You've once again recorded at Pama Studios with Magnus Sedenberg. Was that the most logical choice?
We were actually planning to go to another studio but after shopping around we just came to the conclusion that it was best for us return to Pama Studios. Magnus was really hyped to work with us again so of course we felt spurred to come back there. Looking back I think we made the right choice.

I think you have gotten a smooth, clear and heavy sound. Did you achieve exactly what you were aiming for sound-wise?
There are things we could've done better if we would've had more time and money but personally I'm extremely happy with the outcome of Noctambulant and I think we came as close to our sonic vision as we possible could with the budget we had. We didn't really have an exact aim; it was more about having a rough idea of what we wanted to achieve.

You have a couple of guests on the album. Could you say something about this?
We invited Pat from Cannibal Corpse, Robbe from Disavowed and Dusty from Severed Savior to make a little appearance on the album. They're all friends of the band and they're all into our stuff so we felt it would be cool to have them as our guests. I think their contributions came out great.

Since Cabinet Jonas Renvaktar has joined as fulltime vocalist. Was this a necessary move for things to work properly?
Jonas has done every tour with us so it felt pretty natural to confirm him as a fulltime member. It didn't really change anything in the band since he had been around for so long so we already considered him a part of the band.

You split with Unique Leader and signed with Neurotic Records. How did that come around?
We just got a better deal from Neurotic and decided to go with them instead. Unique Leader never mistreated us or anything it just felt right to move on.

Is there any difference in being on a European instead of an American label?
So far I haven't really seen much difference in terms of label locations.

How much touring are you going to do in support of Noctambulant?
So far we've only done one tour and that was last spring together with Hate Eternal. I have no idea what's next.

You were recently forced to pull out of the Skinless tour. What happened?
Some family matters stopped us from doing that tour which was a damn shame because it seems it would've been a great ride. Shit happens!

Are any of you currently in any others bands or do you fully concentrate on Spawn Of Possession?
Renvaktar is also singing for a Swedish thrash metal band called Disruption. They're out on Copro Records and I recommend you check them out.

How does the remainder of 2006 look for Spawn Of Possession?
I have no idea what will happen in the nearest future. We'll just have to see where the wind takes us.

Anything you wish to add to conclude this interview?
Thanks a lot for this interview! I want to say cheers to all our fans and friends in the great beer drinking country of Denmark. Keep it sick!!!

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