SPECTRAL MORTUARY - From Hate Incarnated
Released: March 26th, 2007 | Label: Mighty Music | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Target

01. Necrotic Flesh Cravings
02. From Hate Incarnated
03. Hogtied and Waiting
04. Prime Murder Suspect
05. Chocked in Soil
06. Malignant Intentions
07. Autophagist
08. Weapons
09. Among Corpses
10. Necrophilistic Art
11. Concluding Carnage

I liked the Necrophilistic Art demo alright and won't deny that I was sort of looking forward to From Hate Incarnated. I can't say I'm disappointed, but I'm not overly impressed with the effort either. The music is varied, but nevertheless the band practices some very standard sounding death metal. Sure the unit mixes bits of thrash metal in, as well as drawing on a variety of influences, but there's really not a lot that tells you this is Spectral Mortuary and not some other band. Off course this doesn't revise the fact that the Danes sound like a well oiled machine, but all the same it do set its prints on the overall impression.

The band has recorded From Hate Incarnated with Berno Paulsson at Berno Studios in Sweden. The result is a clear, but dry sound, a very typical sounding Berno production. Often the music and the sound in particular make me associate Spectral Mortuary with Swedish bands like Vomitory and Deranged. The clearness suits the music as it allows the listener to hear the smaller details. Nothing seems to vanish in the soundscape. From Hate Incarnated is a good debut, but nothing out of the ordinary as it simply appear too anonymous.

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