Upcoming Danish death metallers Spectral Mortuary put out their new demo Necrophilistic Art not too long ago, a demo that clearly displays the their potential. Not knowing too much about the band I decided it would be in place to ask guitarist Kristoffer Rigbolt some questions about the band, the demo as well as other things.

Kristoffer Rigbolt interviewed by PSL

How was Spectral Mortuary formed?
Morten Siersbæk and Jesper Høg had been playing together in a band called Mørket long time ago and they got together with Nikolaj Balle which at first took care of both the bass and the vocals. Furthermore a local guy, Jimmy, shortly played guitar. Not long after the formation of the band Rune Kolby took over the bass and I joined as a replacement for Jimmy. Morten Jørgensen has recently taken over the vocals after Nikolaj. That's more or less it, so there have been some line-up changes, but we have arrived at a very stable and well functioning line-up.

Musically where would you say the biggest progression has been compared to your first demo Among Corpses…in the Mortuary?
The Among Corpses… in the Mortuary demo was made just three months after Spectral Mortuary was formed and contains the first three songs we ever made, so it features quite a lot of experiments. Since then we have tried focus our music into a more coherent expression, which is hopefully evident from the Necrophilistic Art demo.

Style-wise where on the death metal map would you say you belong?
Our main goal is to produce death metal based on good riffs while still maintaining the power and aggression which is absolutely essential. So our position on the map is somewhere within the classic old-school death metal.

What do you think makes a good song?
It depends on the style. For instance it requires a reasonable technical level to produce good heavy metal. This is most often also necessary when playing death metal, but first of all it requires a bunch of interesting riffs and some good craftsmanship in terms of arrangement.

What sort of topics inspires you lyrically?
Until now most of the lyrics have been classical necrophilism, but after Nikolaj's exit from the band, Rune has taking over writing the lyrics which has resulted in some more thoroughly considered lyrics with a wider range of topics. Of course these topics still are, and always will be, brutal and contain an amount of explicit gore.

You've recorded the demo at Smart 'n' Hard with Jacob Bredahl behind the knobs. What made you pick his studio?
When we were planning the recording of the demo we asked around which producer to choose and Søren Tingkær the grand old man of Odense's metal scene advised us to work with Jacob and through Søren we also got a good deal. In addition we thought that since Jacob has recently established himself as a metal producer he would put in a lot of work to obtain a satisfactory product, since this would clearly be in his own interest.

Are you happy with the outcome of those recording sessions?
Yes absolutely, Jacob was very professional to work with so all we had to do was what we do best, play death metal.

Since the recording of the demo vocalist Nikolaj Balle have been replaced by Morten Jørgensen. What happened?
Nikolaj was not exactly replaced; it had just come to a point where there really was no choice. A lot of disagreements had been accumulating. Luckily Morten Jørgensen was ready to take over the vocals and its working out excellent both on and off stage.

What bands have been influences on you?
We are mainly influenced by some of the older US/UK bands such as Death, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel and Benediction as well as some of the Swedish death metal legends like for instance Grave.

Have you been shopping the demo around to labels or was the demo solely intended to help put your name on the map?
Well both. We have spread the demo around to some labels recently, and at the same time we felt like it was time to show everyone just how much had happened since the first demo came out.

Besides drummer Morten Siersbæk are any of you currently involved in other bands?
Well apart from Morten's participation in Exmortem and Black Dementia, Rune currently plays the bass in Exmortem and is implicated in a new upcoming band called Bloodrush from Odense. Besides this we try to focus our energy on Spectral Mortuary since a lot of time is invested in the song writing process.

Do you have any gigs coming up?
Currently we are in the process of planning as many gigs as possible throughout Denmark and in the fall we will go to France to play with local death/black metal hero's Destinity. As soon as anything is confirmed it will posted on the web page.

Anything you wish to add to conclude to this interview?
We have just finished the recording of to new songs and they will be available on our home page as soon as the mastering is done. Although it is not that long time since we recorded the Necrophilistic Art demo, we found that is important to give people a chance to hear our new vocalist since Nikolaj was a prominent part of the band. And I promise that no one will be disappointed since Morten Jørgensen is without doubt a valuable acquisition for the band, not least on stage which he convincingly proved at the two recent gigs in Esbjerg and Odense.

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