1. Forever Sworn to Blasphemy
  2. Godless Profanity
  3. Third Scent Carcass
  4. Sadistfucktion
  5. Homo Hereticus
  6. Holistic Paralisys
  7. Psalm to the Dark One
  8. Grave's Cold Darkness
  9. Vengeance is the Core of All
  10. Devils Reunion
  11. Beyond Madness of Gods
  12. War
SPHERE - Homo Hereticus

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Self financed
YEAR: 2011

RATING: 5/10
PROVIDED BY: Godz ov War Productions

Sphere is a Polish death metal band. The five-piece issued its debut Damned Souls Rituals in 2007 via Empire Records, but Homo Hereticus has been put out by the band themselves. The music is straight forward death metal that relies on all the clichs of the genre.

The five-piece doesn't do anything atypical. There's nothing wrong about that, but the problem on Homo Hereticus is that it all feels a little too anonymous. There's not a lot of exciting things going on in the music. The catchy riffs and parts are too few to make any difference.

Sure the band can write music and sure the five-piece are skilful musicians, but in spirit of that the music never gets all that exciting. The band understands how to vary the music. There are lots of fast parts, but mostly the pace is moderate. Moreover there's a solo or two now and then, I like that as it adds a bit of contrast.

The band uses a few samples along the way. The samples fit the music and help set a dark mood, but other than that the samples doesn't make much of difference. The vocals are typical death metal vocals. The vocals go well with the music, but don't add a whole lot to the overall feel of the music.

Homo Hereticus is above all an average CD - it's not bad, but not very exciting either. The problem with the music on Homo Hereticus is that it doesn't have what is needed to stand out among all the other death metal CD's that are put out today.

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