1. Grindvirus
  2. Two Cows and Monkey
  3. Oust - Odour Eliminator
  4. Wriggler
  5. Abhorrently Stinking Rich Man
  6. Shit Oneself
  7. D. I.
  8. Sheep Dag
  9. Bacterial Fertiliser
  10. Hamsters in Your Head
  11. Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Ass
  12. Nose - Lunger
  13. Child Victims
  14. Anodal Closing Odour
SQUASH BOWELS - Grindvirus

GENRE: Goregrind
LABEL: Willowtip Records
YEAR: October 2nd, 2009

RATING: 9/10
PROVIDED BY: Squash Bowels

I liked the 2005 CD Love Songs a lot, but haven't paid too much attention to the Poles after that release. Besides a few split releases Grindvirus is actually also the first full-length from the band in four years. In terms of song-writing the trio haven't changed much and the music like on Love Songs is thick and vibrant goregrind.

The songs are diverse and the riffs are fat and groovy. The music also has a somewhat punkish feel to it now and then. I can't get enough of the thick, groovy riffs and drumming in songs like "D.I." and "Bacterial Fertilizer" or the chunky bass in "Child Victims". The trio is really good at writing music that is brutal, but not just blur of guitars, bass and drums. The three Poles try to do different things in each song and they succeed. None of the songs sound alike.

Like the music the vocals are also diverse. The mix of low end vocals and a more shouting type provide a nice contrast. The production is thick and juicy. It has that Sunlight Studio type of thickness to it. I like this a lot as it gives the music a lot of volume and makes it really dense.

Grindvirus is a brutal effort from start to finish, but because of all the diversity in the music it never gets too much. If you like fat grooves, chunky vibes and fast drumming then you can't go wrong with Grindvirus, it doesn't get much better than this.

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