STRANGULATION - Atrocious Retribution
Released: September, 2004 | Label: Retribute | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Retribute

01. Atrocious Retribution
02. Flesh Harrier
03. Suffer and Die
04. The Strangulation
05. The Art of Torture
06. Human Wreck
07. Exit the World
08. Visions of Death
09. I Need to Kill

Formed in 2001 and with the two demos Carnage in Heaven and Withering Existence in their luggage Swedish death metallers Strangulation is now ready to take on the world with their debut Atrocious Retribution.

Drawing on influences from mastodons like Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation the band plays death metal in the brutal end of the scale but still with enough own ideas to keep it interesting but in particular an album like Tomb of the Mutilated seems to have had a huge impact on the band. However Strangulation doesn't come across as being just another clone and while they may lean towards the US death metal scene there are still certain similarities with their native scene. Atrocious Retribution is a varied album that perhaps may not be the most innovative effort that has emerged but who the f**k cares about innovation 'cause Atrocious Retribution is packed with nine spine splintering songs that seem to constantly grow with each listen. A thing in particular I found to be very cool is the massive presence of the bass which really adds a lot to the material.

Atrocious Retribution is a rock solid death metal album that really doesn't leave anything to be desired. This album is definitely among the better half of the releases in 2004 and you should do yourself that favour and check this album out.

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