SUBTERRANEAN FECAL ROOT - Anthems of the Antisocial Underground

GENRE: Grindcore
LABEL: Grindhead Records
YEAR: 2008

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Grindhead Records

Most people will hate what Subterranean Fecal Root is doing, but I like it. The sound is shitty and it probably has been recorded at some living room or garage. It doesn't profit the songs, but it doesn't annoy that much either. The music is overall grindcore, but the trio blends different genres in too. That does add a bit of personality to the music.

The band is not to be taken very seriously. It's obvious that the trio fools around a lot and the three Texans make fun of many things. It is comedy put to music. The song-titles are bizarre and so are the lyrics, but I find the songs to be funny. The band makes fun of different things like gays, Christians, pregnancy, shit and the list goes on. In a way it's not very different from what bands like Throatplunger and XXX Maniak have done in terms of the lyrics.

The music is standard and there's nothing different in what the trio is doing. There are some good riffs and parts here and there. And many of the songs are actually catchy, but the shitty production does kill a lot of it. The vocals are contrary to most grindcore or goregrind understandable. It's more of a shouting type of vocal than growl and it profits the music.

My biggest problem with Anthems of the Antisocial Underground is the shitty production. I don't get why the band didn't put more of an effort into getting a better sound. It would definitely have made it all that more enjoyable. I find it to be a shame as there are interesting things here in the music as well as some good laughs. If you like brutal music with lots of fucked up and wacky joviality then Anthems of the Antisocial Underground may be of interest. I sure got a good laugh or two and the music wasn't too bad either.

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