SWORN - Global Demise
Released: 2005 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 6/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Sworn

01. Global Demise
02. Northern Alliance
03. A View of Victory

I'm not sure if this is the first demo from Swedish death metallers Sworn, but I get the impression that it might be. The band shouldn't be confused with the Danish progressive metallers by the same name. Style-wise the band plays the well-known Swedish brand of death metal so I won't go into any deeper analyses of this. The songs are fairly varied and the use of keyboard bits here and there add further to the diversity and at the same time provide a bit of atmosphere. Here after numerous listens I think all three songs are good, but the track that strike me as being the most worthwhile is "A View of Victory" mainly due to its catchiness and dark feel, actually it sort of reminds me of Sworn's fellow countrymen in Soulreaper. The production is not that good, actually it's both very dirty and rough which doesn't do the music much justice. However it's still possible to hear what is going on even though the sound is quite thin at times. Sworn has some good ideas and it's obvious that the band has potential. It would be interesting to hear the songs with a better and juicier sound, and I'm sure we eventually will if the band continue as they've shown on Global Demise.

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