In October / November the Copenhagen located five-piece The Cleansing will go on a Danish mini-tour along with Spectral Mortuary and Death Comes Pale. The band put out its latest CD Feeding the Inevitable in May via Deepsend Records. A few days ago I had the chance to chat a bit to vocalist Toke Eld. It proved to be an interesting talk about a variety of things.

Toke Eld interviewed by PSL

How are things in Copenhagen these days?
Pretty good actually. We had the warmest October ever recorded, which was a departure from the ridiculous summer we were subjected to.

How has the reception been for Feeding the Inevitable?
So far very positive, just like with our debut Poisoned Legacy I think that's very positive considering how difficult it can be to come up with something good after a strong debut album. The weird thing is that everybody thinks that we play old school death metal, which isn't at all what we think ourselves. I find that a little odd. But yeah, the reception has been pretty good. When we started making Feeding the Inevitable I was more nervous about the reception on Feeding the Inevitable than with the debut because it's much easier to surprise people with a debut than it is with a follow up. But I think is turned out great.

How would you describe Feeding the Inevitable in comparison to the debut Poisoned Legacy?
I think it's a better album. There was some really good songs on Poisoned Legacy, but I like the overall feeling more on Feeding the Inevitable. It's darker and more streamlined so to speak. It's also more aggressive in my opinion.

Do you feel you've matured as song-writers on Feeding the Inevitable?
Very much. When we made the album we felt more secure. Not about the reception of it, but about the way we made it. That is a sign on maturity I think.

How do you go about writing music? Do all five of you contribute?
No I think that is a bad way to make music. We did that in my former band Usipian, and not with the best results. In The Cleansing it's Jeppe and Andreas who write the songs. When a song is finished they give it to me to for "approval". But it's rare that I have something I want changed. Jeppe and Andreas are perfectly capable of writing good songs, so there's no need for me to fuck it up. When a song is finished, and everybody agrees that it's finished then I start to write lyrics for it.

Do you solely find inspiration in death metal or do different kinds of music interest you as well?
Nobody in The Cleansing listens to death metal exclusively, so inspiration from other kinds of music are unavoidable I think. For myself I listen to hip-hop a lot, and can get some lyrical inspiration from it, but that being said, death metal is the main source of inspiration obviously, but not the sole one. We all have a soft spot for certain pop bands and so on. I think it's important to keep an open mind when it comes to music. Otherwise we will just cannibalize ourselves.

The three of you have a history in the defunct band Usipian. Do you see the music of The Cleansing as an extension of what you did in Usipian?
Not really. It might objectively seem that way, but Andreas didn't write any music for Usipian. Writing music with Usipian was very difficult because we all wanted to contribute. And that just made the songs uneven and took forever to create. It's much easier, and way better, to just let Andreas and Jeppe work their magic. So in reality, it's only me and Jeppe from Usipian, which makes The Cleansing a whole new band with a very different expression. If we hadn't split Usipian up and continued to make a second and third album, it wouldn't have sounded like The Cleansing. Not even a little bit.

Who writes the lyrics and what type of issues do they deal with?
I write the lyrics for The Cleansing, and it mostly deals with my bleak view of the world. Some of the lyrics are very personal and others deal with politics, environmental issues and ultimately the apocalypse.

You've used a variety of studios to record the CD. Is there a story to that?
Not something super interesting really, it's just a matter of economics and being comfortable, and time. Time is always a factor [laughs].

Feeding the Inevitable was tentatively to be put out in late 2010/early 2011, but ended up being released on May 23rd. Is there a story to the delay?
I think mostly it was our own fault. We took too long to come up with a cover theme/idea that we liked enough to start going to work. Then came Christmas and Deepsend Records couldn't release it there. So it was pushed to spring and ended up being released in May, and August on iTunes. Next time we will be more prepared. We are already working on the cover idea. Even though we haven't begun really to write the third album.

You had Remy C of Headsplit Design do the artwork. What was it about his work that made you go with him?
We just took a look at his MySpace site, and we instantly liked some of his designs. Especially the ones that are in the same style as our cover. Some of his stuff reminds me of Tool. I really like his style, and wouldn't at all rule out to work with him again. And he's fast. I think we had our designs about three weeks after we contacted him.

Mads Haarløv joined as bassist in 2010. How did that come around?

We just asked him really. He really liked Poisoned Legacy and we asked him to consider playing session guitar because Jeppe had to do part of his education in Edinburg. But Jeppe didn't go and we asked Mads if he was interested in playing bass instead as it didn't work out with Martin Rosendahl who played bass and did the vocals on our debut album.

Besides the Danish mini-tour in October/November what are the plans for The Cleansing?
None at the moment. Nothing concrete anyways. We are in contact with some other bands because we want to play beyond our own borders, but we haven't sealed any deals yet. We hope it happens though. We really want to play more live.

When you're not playing music what do you all do for a living?
As I unfortunately can't earn a living by watching movies/TV-series, train muay thai and play world of Warcraft and basically being a bum I have just started educating myself as a teacher. Better late than never right? The other guys have regular jobs.

Anything you'd like to add to conclude this interview?
Naaaaahh… Take care man! Thanks for the interview. Horns up and all that crap [laughs].

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