THE GRIEVING PROCESS - Assimilated Deformation
Released: 2007 | Label: Anticulture | Rating: 7/10 | Reviewer: PSL | Provided by: Anticulture

01. Intro
02. World Breaker
03. Hunger For the Dead
04. Home Movies
05. Terminated
06. Onslaught
07. The Opposing View
08. Twilight of '68

Assimilated Deformation is the debut by this New Jersey death metal band. Think the slam parts of Skinless mixed with the groove of Dying Fetus and the speed of Cannibal Corpse and you get an idea of how The Grieving Process sound. The songs are very fast, but with lots of breakdowns and slam parts to create the needed variation. Although there's nothing on Assimilated Deformation that you wouldn't already have come to expect from this genre the band is largely able to put their own touch on things thanks to the disturbing vibe.

The snare drum has a very tin can type of sound. It works well and adds some contrast to the guitars. The band has found some movie samples and those create additional mood to the music as well. At first it might not seem like it, but Assimilated Deformation is a varied effort that grows little after little. The production fits just right. The instruments are all distinguishable, but The Grieving Process is able to maintain a compact and meaty sound. Despite of there not being anything new under the sun on Assimilated Deformation it's nonetheless an album that fans of brutal death metal will appreciate.

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