1. The Storm to Come [Intro]
  2. Embrace Oblivion
  3. Grim Discovery
  4. Beyond the Hold of God
  5. Skiprat Jane
  6. The Final Silence
  7. P.S.A.S.
  8. Destroying the Heavens
  9. The Man, The Martyr
  10. Circle of Despair
  11. And the Rivers Ran Black
THE OBSCENE - The Torment of Sinners

GENRE: Death metal
COUNTRY: England
LABEL: Pest Records
YEAR: March 28th, 2011

RATING: 7/10
PROVIDED BY: Pest Records

The Obscene has shifted over to a rawer and more brutal sound with their latest album, The Torment of Sinners while still carrying that old school metal vibe. The production is very clean but it takes nothing away from the brutality of Tom's blasphemous vocals. The beautiful combination of low metal growls and high shrieks is enough to make any death metal fan happy. The music end is focused on melody with heavy guitar riffs and technical drum work that go back and forth between fast to a more mid-tempo range with a chugging rhythm.

The clips from horror movie favorites like "The Shining" keeps the album entertaining as well before it gives away to savage vocals and creeping guitar on the third track. Track #4 also carries enough tempo changes to keep the listener interested as it brings in some searing guitar work in the background. Track #7 is an awesome that shreds with a rhythm of ferocity with some black metal riffing supplied by Johnny and end it with a very mellow acoustic solo.

Though I wouldn't call this the best album I've heard it's obvious that The Obscene is doing something right with their music. There is enough diversity to capture your attention. All the instruments are balanced well enough to not overpower each other or the vocals. The Torment of Sinners is a solid piece of brutality that will do your metal heart if you go pick up a copy now.

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